Centurion 39 Rifle and Centurion 39 Pistol

C39 Pistol Ak-47 Review

Chances are, if you’ve seen an AK in America, it was a WASR by Century Arms.  Due to their low price, they’ve become very popular.  The WASRs are reconstructed AK-47s whose parts are imported from Romania and assembled in here in the United States, but now Century Arms is going to be offering 100% American Ak-47s (…oxymoron?).

The new Centurion 39 Ak-47s‘ parts are completely 100% American made from Ak-47 parts made in the USA, unlike previous AK-47s.  Century Arm‘s new AK-47s feature an improved ergonomic pistol grip, proprietary handguard with picatinny rails, polymer furniture, and will accept all AK-47 magazines.  The Centurion 39 rifle has a longer buttstock to aid in shooting ergonomics, and feature a h igh viz front sight.  The C39 Rifle will also sport a 16.5? barrel with a 1:10 twist, an overall length of 37.25?,  weighs 8.2 lbs unloaded, and will come with two US made magazines.

The Centurion 39 pistol has the most notable features that differ from a traditional Ak-47.  The pistol version has a “shark fin” front sight which will lessen that height over bore of the C39 pistol.  The other big difference comes at the business end of the Centurion 39 Pistol, the muzzle break.  It sharply resembles an A2 birdcage flash hider of a standard AR-15.  The Century Arms Centurion 39 Pistol features an 11.375? barrel, weighs 5.4 lbs unloaded, and has an overall length of 21.375 inches and will have both a rear and front sling swivel.  The  C39 Ak-47 pistol comes with two 30 round US made magazines and a gun case.  Expect these two new Century Arms  C39 Ak-47s to be out soon.

C39 Pistol Ak-47

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